I am against ungrateful quitters

I am against ungrateful quitters

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Sheamus vs Cesaro World Heavyweight Title Match
Undertaker vs Sting Retire casket match
Triple H vs Bad News Barret Authority out of power
Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
Aj Lee vs Paige vs Naomi vs Charlotte Divas championship match
Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler Intercontinental Championship match
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Number one contendership
Rusev vs Ryback US championship
Tag team championship match
Andre the Giant Batle Royal M.
Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

The bad thing about WWE been scripted is that we always try to recreate in our minds how things should happen and when things dont go the way we want we complain and say things are wrong or bad, we do not give the WWE the chance to do things the way they want and for that reason we dont enjoy most of the things. I am dissapointed with the current product, but i am more disapointed with the WCW and Indie wrestling fans ruining the fan of the real WWE Fans. Dont know if the match between Roman and Lesnar will be good, and we all are making up our mind that it wont work. Just because we dont have it our way.

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  • Randy Norton posted 8 hours ago

    Randy Norton

    Solid. Reigns/Show stole the show , Tag team title match was great , Orton/Rollins was underwhelming. Overbooked mess it was.

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    Dude , thoughts on E/R ?

  • Australian posted 2 days ago


    Thanks for the compliment man. Appreciate it. Was kind of you. I really enjoy reading your opinions too.

  • Randy Norton posted 2 days ago

    Randy Norton


  • Randy Norton posted 3 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Mine ,
    Nikki ( I can imagine that scenario )

  • Randy Norton posted 4 days ago

    Randy Norton

    E/R Predictions ?

  • Randy Norton posted 10 days ago

    Randy Norton


  • Y2B posted 11 days ago


    AND THAT IS HOW I KNOW!!! You just admitted you never go to it because of the many comments!!!!! Our tag team is at an end... "brother". *Slaps*

    Luckily I ended up winning it haha. :)

  • Y2B posted 13 days ago


    What does anybody mean?

    It's like asking whether to be, or Y2B...

    This past Monday on Raw! The live analysis post... I was.... winning top comment... but I faltered by one vote.... it was you my friend... YOU! lol

  • Y2B posted 14 days ago


    I see you...

    For what you are...

    I thought you were a friend...

    But... no. She alway said I didn't have friends...

    Just a bunch of pretenders, a bunch of pretenders.

    They wait for the day, the day I lay

    Catching flies in my mouth,

    Tasting freedom while I can...

    They claim they are friends.

    But they are not...

    You.... voted Ultra Mantis for top comment on Raw and ignored mine. You stabbed me in the back!