Marcus Rini


I LOVE MICHIGAN FOOTBALL. I will bleed Maize and Blue until the day I die. At the same time, I try to stay objective when looking at Rivalries. I hate to say it, but the Buckeyes have had us on the ropes the past decade and it sucks. I love Mike Hart, but I think his little brother comment was one of the most boneheaded comments from a Michigan football player ever. It allowed hatred to manifest in the MSU football program like never before, and that kind of behavior has no business in college football. I hate trolling and hate trolls. if you are a troll, please stay off of my profile. Thank you and God Bless Saturday!!!

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  • Joseph A Vance posted 1066 days ago

    Joseph A Vance

    I beleive that Michigan is one of the richest programs in this country in tradition and what they have done.I also beleive that they will again be in the conversation with or without the Jim hire.I respect the school and i am proud they are my schools Rival.This is kind of hard to explain but I truly dont beleive in hatred for anyone or any team.But in the same token as a die hard Buckeye fan I hate Michigan but its not the hate you might think.Let me put it this way,I was at a bowling alley one time and was in line to get a beer wearing my buckeye hat,in walks this guy twice my size wearing a michigan jacket,he spots me right off walks strait up to me gets in my face and says"that the ugliest hat i ever seen"I replied back very quickly "thats the ugliest jacket i ever seen" we both laughed and went our own way.This happened in Nashville,Tn.Its not a real hatred like you would think its more like a friendly mutual hatred.This is a reply about something you left on my home page last year.Hope it helps in the way you see me.I root for Michigan when they play in bowl games,I respect Michigan and what they stand for.But in late November I hate them and i guess thats how its supposed to be.

  • Josh DeMille posted 1823 days ago

    Josh DeMille

    I hate Notre Dame the least as well, in fact I may not even really hate them. But I live in South Bend and I get a tremendous kick out of it whenever Notre Dame loses. Every single year they say they're gonna win the national championship and it tends to get old and very annoying.