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A huge NYY fan, Baseball & Football enthusiast. Yes... I call "soccer" football...
I try to be respectful on this site... I feel everybody's entitled to their own opinions...

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  • artizanista 's posted 3 days ago

    artizanista 's

    ooer!... bit boring then... except for Mascherano who was outstanding... glad its Messi and co vs the German machine in the final though... let's all hope for a cracker then... but I'm not holding my breath just yet!

  • artizanista 's posted 4 days ago

    artizanista 's

    You're right of course regarding rivalries and 'better' was the wrong word... I think I meant more sensational which this WC has had-a-plenty so the best player in the world against possibly the best team is a far better footballing prospect for the final. It's gonna be a 'tight' game tonight so I'm hoping for an early Dutch goal to open up the game... fingers crossed... the alternative cagey game may just become a bit boring?

  • artizanista 's posted 5 days ago

    artizanista 's

    Wow... thought Brazil would struggle but that was horrible! One down and the Dutch next to go out... can't see the Argies banging in 7 though... heyho you never know!... specially in this amazing World Cup? Got to say a german/dutch final could produce an even better final though... they absolutely hate each other ;-)

  • artizanista 's posted 8 days ago

    artizanista 's

    Now you ask!!!! I don't think Argentina are out of first gear yet... and now Brazil's 'talisman' is out I'm thinking the 'Argies' for the cup... but the 'Jerries' look perfectly capable of stifling any team... so a Germany v Argentina final with a dull German victory for me... but I haven't got a clue really Benny... what about you?

  • BoB Jones posted 13 days ago

    BoB Jones

    Thanks for the like Benny....Lifelong Yankee fan, MCFC you can imagine my joy when they partnered up for NYCFC. David Villa was an amazing 1st transfer.

  • artizanista 's posted 19 days ago

    artizanista 's

    Profile pic is my Grandad in his L.A. General Hospital blues... he worked there for 12 years... before that he was a miner in the Welsh coalfields. He eventually came home got married and bought a small holding/farm in Wales. His cousin was Tommy Farr the Welsh boxer who was robbed by Joe Louis at the Yankee Stadium in 1937... my Grandad was there watching the fight!

  • artizanista 's posted 20 days ago

    artizanista 's


  • Vince Siu posted 24 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Cheers Benny. Hope you've enjoyed it as well. I hear the live TV coverage over in the US is actually pretty good - loads of quality commentators on set. Soak it all up!

  • Vince Siu posted 90 days ago

    Vince Siu

    Hi Benny. Thanks for the fan add. Hope you get a chance to check out more of my work. Cheers!

  • Nick Akerman posted 151 days ago

    Nick Akerman

    Looks awesome doesn't it? Always good for the Premier League to extend its appeal during pre-season.