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Hi,I'm from the UK, I enjoy many sports, mainly football and have been supporting chelsea most my life. Others sports I enjoy are Tennis, rugby etc but I don't really follow them on a high level as football. I discovered bleacher report trying to find news articles and chelsea and came to really enjoy all the articles everyone has to share about the world of sport. Some more than others....

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  • Cian posted 582 days ago


    And don't call me kid, you look about 16.

  • Cian posted 582 days ago


    Haha, that's the kind of response I was expecting. Have a good day now, and don't choke on Drogba's dick.

  • Cian posted 583 days ago


    Come on kid, I know you can't leave a comment like that on page and not respond to my response.

  • Cian posted 584 days ago


    And it's you're, not your.

  • Cian posted 584 days ago


    If you're regarding the Drogba comment, let me correct you, I made a comment that got a load of Chelsea fans butt-hurt who misinterpreted everything I said. When I said "Drogba was overrated", you Chelsea fans took it as an offense and thought I meant Drogba was a bad player which wasn't and isn't the case. He's a great player, World Class even. The premise of the article was to discuss old-fashioned goalscoring strikers, something Drogba wasn't or isn't.

    World Class Strikers are supposed to score 25+ goals every season, Drogba did that twice in eight seasons at Chelsea, and did it once in his previous seven seasons before joining Chelsea. That is not World Class, goalscoring striker statistics. Six of his eight seasons at Chelsea, he scored 16 goals or less in all competitions which are Frank Lampard numbers. In fact, three of his eight Premier League seasons he didn't even reach 10 goals in the league and scored just five in two of those seasons.
    I love how people are totally misinterpreting what I said. I never once said, Drogba wasn't good. He was good, he was a very good player, World Class in fact, good at bringing players into the game, scored important goals. But in terms of goalscoring he was very much overrated, and that is what I judge strikers on.

    "Let's look at top European Strikers/Forwards from 2004-2012 (Drogba's time at Chelsea)

    Didier Drogba 157 goals in 341 games, Goal Ratio of 2.17
    Lionel Messi 253 goals in 329 games, GR 1.3
    Cristiano Ronaldo 255 goals in 396 games, GR 1.55
    Radamel Falcao 158 goals in 248 games, GR 1.56
    Robin van Persie 132 goals in 277 games, GR 2.09
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 170 goals in 340 games, GR 2.00
    Wayne Rooney 194 goals in 390 games, GR 2.01
    Sergio Aguero 154 goals in 330 games, GR 2.14
    Karim Benzema 147 goals in 314 games, GR 2.13
    Luis Suarez 181 goals in 316 games, GR 1.74
    Samuel Eto'o 195 goals in 325 games, GR 1.66
    David Villa 180 goals in 339 games, GR 1.88
    Edin Dzeko 132 goals in 286 games, GR 2.16
    Thierry Henry 143 goals in 276 games, GR 1.93
    Ruud van Nistelrooy 126 goals in 246 games, GR 1.95
    Mario Gomez 196 goals in 320 games, GR 1.63
    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar 221 goals in 331 games, GR 1.49

    All top strikers/forwards since 04/05, have a better Goal/Game Ration than Drogba and most of them aren't regarded by fans as much as Drogba. Obviously Ronaldo, Messi, Henry and van Nistelrooy (perhaps) are and more, but the others aren't. And most of the others, (RVP, Rooney, Aguero, Eto'o, Villa, Suarez, etc.) haven't spent their entire careers playing through the middle like Drogba and have had to settle for places on the wings. Is that enough backing up for you?"

    That was a comment I wrote comparing him to other top strikers from the last decades, all of whom have a better goal to game ration than him. Most of them haven't spent their whole careers playing through the middle.

    Statistics show that Drogba scored at an average of 33% of his games a season at Chelsea, which again, as by the premise of the article which is about goalscoring strikers, isn't good enough. Did he score important goals, yes, that doesn't make him an elite goalscorer which again, was the premise of the article.

    Everyone who disagreed with me were Chelsea fans so it didn't surprise me, I accepted it. No one proved me wrong, because I was arguing his goalscoring.

  • Sports Lover posted 590 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    You a troll?

  • Dan Riaz posted 593 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hi kid..

  • Andrew Young posted 607 days ago

    Andrew Young

    Your comments are rubbish

  • Luke Williams posted 610 days ago

    Luke Williams

    Have fun being a virgin your entire life.

  • Luke Williams posted 610 days ago

    Luke Williams

    Your comments are shit.