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Hello! My name is Tony. I'm from the great state of Michigan. I grew up in a small town near Ann Arbor and am, by default and good judgment, a huge Michigan Football fan. I'm also crazy about the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, and the Detroit Lions. I think Detroit is one of the best sports towns in the United States (much better than the recent ranking of 10 by The Sporting News) and absolutely love the city itself.

I live in Seattle, Washington now due to the horrible state of the economy and severe lack of good-paying jobs in Michigan. Seattle's great...but I miss Michigan/Detroit everyday. I hope they can get things straightened out there sometime soon so that I may move back one day. I hate being so far away! Thank God for the internet, Direct TV, the Detroit Free Press, and the many other tools I use to keep up with all of my favorite teams. I'd be miserable without them.

I hope you enjoy what I write here. I'm still unsure as to the amount of postings I'll throw down. It's a learning process for me. And like most, I'm sure it'll take me a bit of time to really settle in. Stay tuned!

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