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Proud Pitt graduate from the DC metro area. Diehard Ravens fan who reps the Washington Wizards and religiously follows all the happenings of Pitt hoops and football.

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  • Jakub Rudnik posted 5 days ago

    Jakub Rudnik

    The first word of your McNabb/Cutler/Romo article has a typo. It should be "In what appears," not "It what appears."

  • Daniel James posted 47 days ago

    Daniel James

    Hi Jake, on your Steven Adams article you state that the haka is an intimidation dance. As someone from New Zealand I thought I'd take the time to tell you it is not meant to intimidate, it originates Maori tribal warfare and is more of a challenge than an intimidation attempt. It has also come to be used in modern times before national sporting events as a way to challenge the other team and to fire up the New Zealand team. As well as this usage the haka has become probably the best known symbol of Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) culture and is used to show respect and congratulate New Zealander's who have achieved highly in any field. Finally the haka is a recognition of the subject's (in this case team USA's) mana (a Maori concept used to describe a person's standing in the community and social/spiritual gravitas). It is therefore far more than an attempt to intimidate and it would be wonderful if you would make some changes to that article to recognise the importance of the Haka to Maori culture and it's varied meanings and uses in New Zealand.

    Thanks and I hope you read this and adjust your piece accordingly.

  • Joseph DeLuca posted 48 days ago

    Joseph DeLuca

    Hey man. I don't know if that article about Mayweather jumping rope was a joke. But, if it wasn't a joke, then I have no idea what to say other than I must be the most athletic person on the planet. Not to mention that it was a terrible article. How much time did you honestly spend on it? Honestly? Copied a video link (1 second). Wrote 89 words (1 minute). 1 minute and 1 second. WTF JAKE!? You can do better than that.

  • Kendall Clements posted 66 days ago

    Kendall Clements

    Jake, either you or Bleacher Report have no guts for not allowing comments to be left on your article. Who gets to decide?

  • Craig Helmreich posted 259 days ago

    Craig Helmreich


  • Alec Lindsey posted 265 days ago

    Alec Lindsey

    Hey Jake! Round 3 of Football as Football designs are up! Take a look. http://www.footballasfootball.com/round/3

  • Annie Silver posted 275 days ago

    Annie Silver

    Hey Jake, I like your articles! Good work.

  • Alec Lindsey posted 312 days ago

    Alec Lindsey

    Hey Jake, just thought I'd let you know our Football as Football Round 2 Designs went up today, enjoy! www.footballasfootball.com

  • Zach Etkind posted 314 days ago

    Zach Etkind

    Hey Jake,

    I work on the Donnie Does series out here in Shanghai. Thanks for posting an article about our last video. Greatly appreciated.
    We just put out a new video about Donnie sneaking his way ringside at the Pacquiao V Rios fight in Macao. Thought your readers might find it entertaining so wanted to send you the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PErg43ZOGtU


  • Chris Haywood posted 349 days ago

    Chris Haywood

    Thanks for the article about my son and DeAngleo's glove. I still don't think he has taken it off his hand