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  • Jazel Morffe posted 1483 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    You are gonna talk to me about class, Norman? Don't even try.

  • Sports Lover posted 1651 days ago

    Sports Lover


  • Dan Riaz posted 1655 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    (btw the comment thing is a glitch, they're working on fixing it atm.)

  • Dan Riaz posted 1655 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hi Norman :)

  • Jazel Morffe posted 1669 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Well, thanks. Like I have said, I'm a football fan above all.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1670 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Norman, I agreed with you. I thought Barca would kill the tempo and the proceedings but I underestimated Bayern for the last time.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1674 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Honestly, no.

    He's a good player but he's nothing but trouble. He and Gilberto Silva were great in midfield for Dunga, but the 4-2-2-2(ish) system Scolari will use is too high-energy.

    I also think that for an anchor, he's not good enough at tackling

  • Cristiano Shaon posted 1678 days ago

    Cristiano Shaon

    Thanks bro.

  • Nick King posted 1683 days ago

    Nick  King

    I am a Barcelona fan, but no where near as much as I am a Chelsea fan. When they play against each other, there's only one team in my mind.

  • Alana Nassiah posted 1683 days ago

    Alana Nassiah

    Thank you. You're so kind!