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  • dora dong posted 1627 days ago

    dora dong

    I am a huge Rockets fan in China. Love watching Rockets guys playing.

  • Jordan Noel posted 1703 days ago

    Jordan Noel

    Thanks for the compliment. By and large the world will reflect our attitudes back to us, so it's best to be kind and positive even if people around us aren't. Eventually we'll find that the world treats us better. Right?

  • Ido Amir posted 1719 days ago

    Ido Amir

    Thanks Rockets' Fan, I appreciate the compliment. As for what you wrote - I think you can rest assured, Jeremy Lin is not reading these endless piles of junk... he is busy in the important thing, which is to play basketball, and do his best to improve, win games, and be a humble leader. I just wrote my comments on that "column" because stupidity infuriates me, and there was much of it all over that "column"... Take care!

  • Neil Culton posted 1726 days ago

    Neil Culton

    You are probably the dumbest Rockets fan I've seen in my life, trying to call out McHale and calling him dumb. No sir, you are dumb. McHale currently has the team at 24-22 with the lowest payroll in the league combined with the fact that they are the youngest as well. It's not his fault that Lin is playing like shit. And Lin is playing like shit because well, he's just an average Point Guard. Nothing special. Top 30 PG in the league. That's it. Instead of ranting about the coaches, you should appreciate them. Heck, they are the 8th seed in a tough Western Conference.