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  • The48415BuckeyeERMD1 posted 1190 days ago


    chad its 2014 and your coach seems to be in trouble. WHAT AN IDIOT you turned out to be!!! KEEP supporting hoke. You two losers are meant for one another.

    My bucks seem to be doing alright with a QB who han't seen the field in TWO years, what is michigans excuse? YOUR own comments have proven without a shadow of a doubt that you haven't a clue. LMAO!!! Say hello to your "family". LOSER!!

  • 48415Buckeye ER posted 1480 days ago

    48415Buckeye ER

    HI chad, how you doing? LOSING again!! DAMN are you ok? IS your family holding you back from posting? 7-6 in 2013, 8-5 in 2012!! WOW!! K-STATE lost to a FCS school, FCS!! LMAO!! Maybe you should concentrate on North Dakotas' web page!!! LMAO!! What a rube you are!!

    BCS FOR THE BUCKS, "wait and see" AGAIN for the michigan wolverines!!

    Fifteen EXTRA practices and THIS is what you get!! Keep the faith in hoke, you write like a HYSTERICAL school girl and your "faith" is what a HYSTERICAL school girl would have in HER POP HERO!!

    Hey chad, what will be your excuse in the upcoming years? WHAT?? LAUGHING AT YOU SO HARD RIGHT NOW!! See you BRITTINEY!!!

  • 48415Buckeye ER posted 1491 days ago

    48415Buckeye ER

    I would like to add to my comments chad that if you are satisfied with a sixty seven percent winning percentage then so be it!! I AM SATISFIED WITH TWENTY FOUR WINS AND ONE LOSS!! Lets compare, hoke lost ten games since Coach Meyer has been at the helm of the BUCKS and that's a fact!! TEN to one, I will be HAPPY TO TAKE THOSE ratios YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT!!

    Next year you and the rest of the fanbase like you will be excusing hoke again!! WE BUCK FANS OFFER ZERO EXCUSES!! We don't need to, we win and suffer because of irrelevant programs like Michigan. 24-1 compared to 15-10!! LMAO!! Get used to more of the same when the Bucks continue to dominate.

    Recruits are seeing the writing on the wall and most of the CFB world has begun to think of Michigan as a "has been", the only relevancy that Michigan can hold onto is the GAME and that's because of the BUCKS!! Losing to MSU is not a disaster, losing to Michigan would have been and we know that didn't happen. BTW what did Michigan do against sparty? 26 to 9 or something. THATS A BEATDOWN!!

  • 48415Buckeye ER posted 1491 days ago

    48415Buckeye ER

    Chad, POOR LEARNING IMPAITED CHAD!! Is the comment you left the VERY BEST THAT YOU CAN DO? Let me help you out and give you some insight. First the BUCKS are playing in their TENTH BCS bowl, where will Michigan be playing? On what date? LMAO!! Second the Bucks have won their division TWICE and what has Michigan done under hoke? LMAO!! I am glad I could help you chad and say "hi" to that phantom of a family you claim!! LMAO once again, matter of fact I haven't stop laughing at your posts. I am glad I took a holiday. Maybe you should to, IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT.

    Lastly the definition of a Michigan man seems to be, " A person/team who cannot get it done against an opponent, but tries to find satisfaction in their opponents lost". Let me be the first to let you know that I would be IN MIAMI enjoying Meyers second year success and STILL LAUGHING AT YOU AND THE OTHER MICHIGAN LOSERS making excuses about Michigan and hoke. 24-1 compared to 26-13!! DEAL WITH THAT CHAD!! LMAO!!

  • 48415Buckeye ER posted 1491 days ago

    48415Buckeye ER

    chad I am back from Holiday and I see that you haven't learn how to be a "BIG BOY"!! The team that you root for is playing where? THATS RIGHT!! NO one knows where but LOSERS LIKE YOU!! LMAO!! IS THE COMMENT YOU LEFT THE VERY BEST YOU CAN DO? Michigan didn't win their division, the BUCKS DID!! Michigan has had a coach for three years and still hasn't done a THING!! Meyer has won TWO DIVISION TITLES!!

    I want to thank you chad old boy. YOU HAVE SHOWCN WHAT IT IS TO BE A MICHGAN MAN!! The definition is A LOSER WHO RIDES THE COAT TAILS OF ANOTHER!! LMAO!!

    PS Meyer has yet to use his "PLAYERS" and still beat hoke both times that they have played. Stay tuned for more ass whoopings and more recruits de-commits. Great to be a BUCKEYE, how does it feel to be a wolverine? ASK YOUR FAMILY!!!