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I graduated with an advanced studies diploma from Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Va. There, I covered high school sports for Gameday Magazine, a media company that covers high school sports in the Northern Virginia area. My high school won a state title in football and graduated 11 Division-I athletes my sophomore year, and I was privileged to cover that team.

Since then, I've earned my bachelor's degree in journalism from Kansas State University, where I covered nearly every athletic team on campus. This includes the 2012-13 Big 12 champion football team and 2013 Big 12 champion baseball team. I was also a student-manager for the men's basketball team, working for four years under both Frank Martin and Bruce Weber.

Now I'm a Featured Columnist for B/R living in the Kansas City area, covering primarily College Football and College Basketball within the Big 12.

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  • Hot Garbage posted 915 days ago

    Hot Garbage

    Ranking Projected Big 12 Starting QBs article was indeed Hot Garbage

  • Ryan Poehls posted 1154 days ago

    Ryan Poehls

    I found a lot of junk on your "How Texas and Oklahoma Lost Control of the Big 12." First off, Texas has never been and will never be a bottom feeder. All sports, especially college sports are cyclical. If you look at history before you were born you'll see other times when Texas, as part of the SWC, and OU, as part of the Big 8, weren't always at the top year in and year out in their respected conferences. There were times, while brief, and current swing won't be much different, where other teams like Baylor and others were enjoying some brief success. To say there has been a loss of control is a little short sided and misleading. For one, Texas currently hold the best recruiting class in the Big 12 for 2015. College sports teams will always go through drops of less successful seasons either through key injuries or periods of misses in recruiting.

  • Nathan Abernathy posted 1229 days ago

    Nathan Abernathy

    Sean - When you write on subjects like this do you take into consideration stats? No College QB did it better than Tommie Frazier... look it up!

  • David Kenyon posted 1447 days ago

    David Kenyon

    Enjoyed the Top 10 QB list, but I have to ask, where did Ken Dorsey stand? Very surprised to see he wasn't even an honorable mention. Thanks, Sean!

  • Dat Dude posted 1455 days ago

    Dat Dude

    top 10 qbs of all time..? hot garbage water trash list. try again

  • Michael Koker posted 1470 days ago

    Michael Koker

    You are so damn biased it is actually amusing. Dont use emotions and loyalties when discussing sports because it makes you sound like a complete fool

  • Kerry Schwartz posted 1480 days ago

    Kerry Schwartz

    "All-Time Sports MomentCovering the 2011 Kansas State vs. Texas A&M game, where K-State won in 4OT"

    Lol at K-State cause they suck. Hey did you cover their Cotton Bowl victory over Arkansas too? Oh wait.

  • Kerry Schwartz posted 1480 days ago

    Kerry Schwartz

    You are not only terrible with punctuations, but you're facts are way off. How do you even write for B/R?

  • austin p posted 1486 days ago

    austin  p

    a retarded monkey could write better articles then you