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Matthew Rogers

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I'm a major fan of wrestling (not just casual), and I've never failed to speak my mind with anything about it. I do my best to find the value in every storyline and character/personality, even in instances where there appears to be nothing positive. I give credit and criticism where they are due, and I invite everyone to give their input on my comments and other tidbits.
I've never had the duty of writing for a school paper or journal, although it's something I had previously considered. I decided against it because of the lack of confidence I'd had in my writing, though I'd go on to find out that everything I've written for school and independently for sports has been more impressive than I ever thought. The last 3 years I've really worked on developing my writing and someday I may end up going for it on a more full time basis. But until then, I'm happy to be where I am and I hope all of you enjoy my comments and insight!

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