born in MS. Delta
Married March '99
Daughter (8) and son (4)
Diagnosed with NHL in 2006
Bone Marrow Transplant at DUKE in 3/08 and 3/09.
Nothing to do but watch ESPN_(& mess with Larry B.)
Excited about how great life is and how people have been there for my family.

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  • Sherrie G posted 2293 days ago

    Sherrie G

    When the Vols enter the field on Saturday, so will my heart along with every other fan’s in, around or nowhere near Neyland Stadium. Because we are Tennessee. We are a family of Volunteers, bound and bred by a tenacious spirit that doesn’t live and die by wins and losses – but an invisible tie that binds us to the greatest love in college football. University of Tennessee football. ♥

  • Michael Ellis posted 2648 days ago

    Michael Ellis

    Thanks for reading my article on the Big Orange and becoming a fan! Hope all is well. GO VOLS!!!!!!

  • Logan Dalton posted 2788 days ago

    Logan Dalton

    thanx 4 bein a good tennessee fan and making insightful comments

  • g t posted 2794 days ago

    g t

    Hey Man,

    Maybe a week ago we were blogging about TENN football, Lane Kiffin and I guess various other things.

    I was critical of one of your posts and referred to it as "disjointed" and commented on how I could'nt make sense of it....You may or may not recall this brief exchange.

    Anyway, you responded and mentioned you were on meds and had not been yourself. I initially thought you were goofing around and I found your response humerous.

    I re-visited the post today and it seemed to have a serious tone.

    After reading your profile I see now you were not goofing around at all.

    It's quite clear now I offended you and even possibly caused some measure of hurt.

    If so, please accept my most sincerest apologies.

    I wish you and your family the very best.

    As always, Roll Tide.

    I did'nt want to post this publicly, for fear of causing you further aggrevation or offense.

  • Richard Bowler posted 2860 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Check out my new Mock Draft

  • VOL03_NC posted 2886 days ago



  • Larry Burton posted 2887 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Dude! That NCAA thing was from the 80's,,,, PS... Hot wife! (G)

  • Tyler Lambert posted 2890 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Pretty funny man. Nah, I hope Cutcliffe stays right at home in Durham. Haha.

  • VOL03_NC posted 2890 days ago



  • Kevin McGrady posted 2891 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    It looks as if you are doing well in the family way as well. Do not worry about TYPOs, I make them on a regular basis. I had no problem understanding your meaning. That is all that matters.