Lucas Sizemore

Lucas Sizemore


Love the NBA. Have since I was born. Phoenix Suns fan. Like said above only really watch NBA. I'm from Missouri so of course I have attended a couple Cards and Royals games. Which are much more enjoyable than watching on TV. Anything else you'd like to know I'd be glad to tell you!

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  • Adam Fromal posted 1583 days ago

    Adam Fromal

    Yes, I'll be publishing the full 12-round results on the 20th.

  • Dave Hashberger posted 1721 days ago

    Dave Hashberger

    I read your suggestion. So much for the "free enterprise" system. Now we are going to tell young men that they do not have a free choice as to where they play basketball in college?

    This stupid "political-correctness"/ 'spreading the wealth" has just got to stop!

    Your idea, while maybe good for the schools that do not seem to be able to offer the same as others, will only cause players to "rush" to be the first top-10 to get to school "A" only to realize down the road they made a horrible mistake due to being rushed, and that in fact school "B" would have been much better.

    Maybe other schools should look inward...rather than crying outwardly. Their fans should also.