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Dave is one of Bleacher Report's College Football National Featured Columnists.
Previous sports writing experience include a staff sports writer position with a university newspaper, as well as other on-line and print publications.
Named a B/R College Football Featured Columnist in 2009.
Became a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) in 2012.
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  • David Luther posted 474 days ago

    David Luther

    Only 15 more weeks to go until college football finally kicks off the 2015 season!

  • David Luther posted 474 days ago

    David Luther

    Ready for the long, football-less dog days of summer?

  • Keith Grant posted 614 days ago

    Keith Grant

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  • Darrell Jordan posted 626 days ago

    Darrell Jordan

    Roy Kidd coached the Colonels not the Cardinals.

  • Heath Jones posted 829 days ago

    Heath Jones

    You may want to fix your top 25 players in the Big Ten!

  • Morris Zwick posted 928 days ago

    Morris Zwick

    Just FYI, but I have seen two articles now where you said Maryland's QB CJ Brown has graduated. After he sustained a torn ACL in the pre-season of 2012, the NCAA granted him an extra year of eligibility. Therefore, barring another injury, he will be back as the Terps' stating QB in 2014.

  • David Luther posted 1079 days ago

    David Luther

    Welcome back, college football. We missed you.

  • David Luther posted 1149 days ago

    David Luther

    @Jared: The MAC itself doesn't get an automatic bid, but if you care to read the BCS qualification rules, you'll note that the highest ranked team from a non-automatic qualifying conference that is a conference champion (as long as that team is No. 16 or higher in the final BCS ranking) will receive an AUTOMATIC bid to the BCS.
    Last season, Kent State was ranked ahead of Northern Illinois when the two met in the MAC Championship Game. Whichever team won that game would be MAC champions AND ranked No. 16 or above, therefore GUARANTEEING an AUTOMATIC invitation to the BCS.
    So, yes, I do think (and KNOW for a FACT) that if Kent State had beaten Northern Illinois they would have received an AUTOMATIC bid to the BCS.