Nick Mordowanec

Nick Mordowanec


Hey everyone. Nice to see you on my page. Please follow me on Twitter: @NickMordo

I am obviously a huge sports fan and just as big a fan of writing about sports. I like to consider myself somewhat of a sports encyclopedia, and here are some other things I believe:

- I know Jordan pushed off Russell, but then again, it was Jordan
- MLB players who test positive for performance-enhancing drugs should be suspended one full season for their first offense
- The NCAA is the biggest hypocrisy in sports (how ironic, right?)
- Curling is not a sport
- Tony Romo will never get to the Super Bowl, let alone win it
- Barry Sanders is the best running back in NFL history

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  • Kevin Bertha posted 2782 days ago

    Kevin  Bertha

    Would you mind checking this out?

  • Kevin Bertha posted 2789 days ago

    Kevin  Bertha

    I hope you like this.

  • Kevin Bertha posted 2792 days ago

    Kevin  Bertha

    I hope you like this article. Please critique my writing.

  • Kevin Bertha posted 2796 days ago

    Kevin  Bertha

    My latest piece. He truly is unique, and my, does he have the sweetest swing on the Pirates. Read it!

  • Kevin Bertha posted 2797 days ago

    Kevin  Bertha

    I hope you like this:

  • Parker Shields posted 2806 days ago

    Parker  Shields

  • Parker Shields posted 2810 days ago

    Parker  Shields

    Here is an article, I wrote to get ready for next season, didnt mean to publish so early, but here it is.

  • Parker Shields posted 2824 days ago

    Parker  Shields

  • Derek Reed posted 2899 days ago

    Derek Reed

    Hi Nick,

    I'm going around to fellow Big Ten fans to gage who they would most like to see as the conferences 12th member in the expansion. It's big news and is certainly creating quite an excitement.

  • Erik Frenz posted 2933 days ago

    Erik Frenz

    Join the post-game discussion after the Saints mauled the Pats on Monday night.

    Thanks for your feedback/input!