Bradley Roll

Bradley Roll


Born and raised in Northeastern Indiana I spent my entire life being active in sports. It wasn't until my early to mid teens that I realized it was more than a game, it was a way of life. One has to first respect the athlete who dedicates so much to becoming great at the sport in which he or she has chosen to compete in. The dedication and discipline to finish is more than many can even muster, not withstanding the will to be great.

For me the Green Bay Packers are the football team to be. A group of guys who play in the blistering cold, pouring rain, or occasional clear skies. I personally hate how many teams have replaced the stadiums of old with air conditioned or heated domes. Football is suppose to be a dirty game, so there is no reason to play on turf in a padded reclining seat. Give me a ice cold game at Lambeau any day of the week. To me, that is how the game was meant to be played.

I am also a fan of the Chicago Cubs. Don't ask me why, I don't know. It could be Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, and Andre Dawson being the best players of their time. Again, I am not sure. All I do know is every season I hope and wait. If only that damn Goat hadn't ever been bred.

As far as basketball goes I am more of a player fan that a team. Of course if I have to pick a team, which I am assuming I do, I will go with the Phoenix Suns. One reason. One Man. Grant Hill. Not really, in all honesty it is Steve Nash, who I believe, is one of the most brilliant point guards to ever play the game. I like him because he can drive and score, pull up a mid-range jumper with ease. If he so feels like doing so, he will bust a 3 just to let you know he can. Of course there is also the 4 other very talented men on his team whom he can pass to at any moment. While I admit that I was more of a fan of the "Running Suns" I am interested to see how the new Diesel Powered team does now that they have their first 1/2 season under their belts.

MMA IS Sport. It is life.

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