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Hey everybody, I'm Will Leivenberg, Community Manager for Bleacher Report.

I'm here to answer questions, resolve disputes, and assist our growing Community of fan-experts in any way I can. If you need anything at all, just shoot me an email at wleivenberg@bleacherreport.com.

I began at B/R as a writer almost three years ago and have risen through the ranks to this full-time role in the San Francisco HQ. I'm a die-hard baseball and basketball fan, pretty obsessed with golf and played competitively for most of my life (still believe that should Tiger Woods throw out a challenge, I could take him).

B/R is a special, distinct and unique sports environment. I'm proud to have been a part of its development and even more excited to work with all of you on continuing its progress.

Thanks and I look forward to improving the B/R community! If you want to find more clips and information, please take a look at my website: http://wleivenberg.wix.com/will-leivenberg

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  • Ariel Bedford posted 2 days ago

    Ariel Bedford

    Thank you Will, I appreciate the follow-and hope you enjoyed my first article...

  • Matt Walsh posted 10 days ago

    Matt Walsh

    Thanks for being my first fan man!
    As I can see, you're pretty popular around these traps! Will check out your work.
    See what I did there....

  • john CARRANZA posted 28 days ago

    john CARRANZA

    contact me on my email id niketan237@gmail.com..

    Wants to talk with you personally..I have offer for you...

  • Carl Cockerham posted 34 days ago

    Carl Cockerham


  • Ryan Simmons posted 167 days ago

    Ryan Simmons

    Why can't we have bios on our new accounts? Is this a Jeff Chase question or....

  • Peter Panacy posted 230 days ago

    Peter Panacy

    Thanks for being a fan Will!

  • Jihoon Nam posted 251 days ago

    Jihoon Nam

    Hello Mr. Leivenberg, I am not too sure if you are the man to contact for some technical problems, but it seems you are, so I have a question.

    Recently there has this been problem in my B/R ( I use a computer) where if I comment, my comments do not appear as replies to someone's post. It appears as a new post itself to an article! I had this problem when I used B/R on my phone but it's the first time I encountered this problem in my laptop.

    Can I please know what's going on, and if it is a bug or something? Thank you

  • Mad Charlie 3 posted 268 days ago

    Mad Charlie 3

    This 2 account can comment or like others... could you please help...
    Please inform me if you manage to do it...

  • Ravin Sampat posted 274 days ago

    Ravin Sampat

    Hi Will

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I've just started, really enjoyed it, on a trial right now, just learning the ropes as I haven't written about sports in some time but love it!

    Look forward to reading and sharing more of your work. I could definitely learn a thing or two! :)

  • wilton tam posted 275 days ago

    wilton tam

    Sir, Are you the white guy or the black guy?