Matt Shott

Matt Shott


I have lived in Phoenix for 21 years now and it is time to get out if I want to really enjoy hockey. My favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings due to their dominance in EA Sports NHL '95 and ever since that game came out, the Wings have been my team. Then three years later a team showed up in Phoenix, named themselves the Coyotes and I have since come around to liking them as well. I love sports and can talk about sports for hours, but I can talk just simply hockey for days. I am hoping to become a sports journalist covering hockey mainly, but feel that Phoenix is not the right spot to do so. I am planning on moving to Canada at some point over the next two years to broaden my love for hockey.

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  • Patrick Cwiklinski posted 3087 days ago

    Patrick Cwiklinski

    Are sports heroes really dead? Find out in my latest article whenever you get a moment. Thanks.


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    Adam Greuel

    Hi there,

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