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  • Jonathan McDanal posted 1904 days ago

    Jonathan McDanal

    You're post on my bulletin board was one of my favorites to come from that Notre Dame hate article. Back in June, I was on a trip to the Ohio State campus with a friend and that article came up for a volunteer.

    When I first saw it, I was definitely not going to take it. When there was about a 48-hour window before it was supposed to be published, nobody had taken it.

    I figured I'd tackle the thing, and I wrote it thinking that it would show up in the USC/Michigan State/Alabama region of the site.

    I woke up the morning after I published, and I saw it on the Notre Dame page. I seriously thought, "Oh, crap. I'd have written that completely differently if I'd known it was going THERE."

    Congrats on Notre Dame's success, and I know exactly how you feel right now. I'm an Alabama fan, and the drought sucked. There's no way to sugar-coat that.

    The sweetness is in the comeback. Enjoy the comeback. National title or no national title, Notre Dame will most likely be an 11- or 12-win team after this season.

    Buy the t-shirt, get the can coozy and put the car magnet on your car and on your refrigerator. One of the commenters on my article said it best: "Winning cures everything."

    Enjoy the win!