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World Football Staff Writer for Bleacher Report covering Liverpool FC, the English Premier League and worldwide football in general.

I cover major features, topical content, statistical and tactical analysis and live text commentary on the site and write freelance elsewhere.

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  • alex le mestric posted 24 days ago

    alex le mestric

    Your rankings are awefull. For Christ sake, stop underrestimating Benzema. In your latest La Liga power ranking, he should be AT LEAST top 5 and you don't even put him in the top 20 ?

  • Dave Kuhn posted 29 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    Fair Ballon D'Or ranking for the most part, but Pogba, James and Toure ahead of Thomas Mueller?? Come ON man. Who was James before the World Cup? No one was talking about him. Mueller had 26 goals and 12 assists last season for Bayern, PLUS won the Silver Ball AND Silver Boot at the World Cup, scored his 10th World Cup goal at only 24 and won a domestic double, World Cup, Club World Cup and more! Like honestly, how on earth can you justify putting him below James and Pogba especially?

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 40 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Hey, Karl. Not sure if you're aware of this, but someone's made a profile with your name and photo and is going around posting comments clearly designed to rile people up. As far as I can tell nothing particularly offensive has been said (mostly just making factually inaccurate claims), but you might want to take a look at the issue before it gets out of hand. I must admit that I did fall for it initially; it wasn't until I actually followed the link to the account's profile to post a comment there that I noticed that it wasn't actually you.

    The person's profile is here, by the way:

    Just thought you ought to know.

  • WHY NEbuala posted 56 days ago

    WHY NEbuala

    Thanks Karl for replying. I agree that Schneiderlin staying was massive. Thanks and keep it up.

  • WHY NEbuala posted 57 days ago

    WHY NEbuala

    Keep up the good work. Really do like your work. Btw what are your thoughts on South Hampton

  • Alan Muir posted 98 days ago

    Alan Muir

    Re: Your article on the appeal of FCB Transfer Ban

    What kind of journalism was that? Your title says the ban was rightfully upheld, yet you provided absolutely no grounds whatsoever to support that statement. Your points about the ban being less effective than it would have been had the appeal not allowed them to conduct transfers during this window are certainly valid, but that's not the content I was expecting based on your title. Your article probably should have been titled "Why the ban doesn't matter" since that's the only real point you discussed.

  • Suarez Barca posted 138 days ago

    Suarez Barca

    Dont act like u don't understand my comment. U hate clubs such as Chelsea, Man City, now Barca. LMFAO at Liverpool now.

  • Suarez Barca posted 138 days ago

    Suarez Barca

    I am waiting for an article about suarez leaving liverpool from you. Come on fast. Where will liverpool will finish now. You are very fast in writing an article saying Mandzukic is better fit than Costa, to dimish the value of costa to chelsea transfer. Try not hating other clubs otherwise these things only happen to ur club.

  • nick tietjen posted 151 days ago

    nick tietjen

    dude, Howard Webb is probably the only ref i have respect for in ANY sport on this planet. I even told my wife before the game (she's Brazilian) that we have nothing to worry about from the refs in this game, we got the best. But you are WAY OFF. He had his worst officiating performace, and possibly one of the worst i've seen in any game in any sport. He missed two PKs for both teams, two possible red cards (one for each team, could understand a yellow), missed several other obvious yellows, missed fouls on boths sides and callled phantom fouls both ways, called fouls the wrong way, and absolutely destroyed the pace of the game and the mindset of the player. You could see it in the final 15 of the second half, both teams were lost didnt know what to do both teams were overly timid up until the last 5 in which they were obv going for it all. I cannot understand how you can accredit Webb with a great game here. I'm not going to knock you as a writer because A) first article of yours i've read B) you're entitled to your opinion. But honestly i don't think we'll ever know who deserved to win this game bc Webb seriously screwed the pooch. And def not a handball by Hulk, it obviously hit his chest shoulder and upper arm (all jersey), it needs to be below the arm AND intentional, clearly was neither. Enjoy the rest of the Cup!

  • William Sawyer posted 175 days ago

    William Sawyer

    Probably not qualifying by not being included in the 30, I think Carlos Tevez worthy of your best world cup XI team. Possibly Landon Donovan. Your thoughts?

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