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Kenny Hutton

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I am from Baseball Heaven, aka St. Louis, Missouri. As you can probably have guessed by now I am indeed a huge Cardinals fan. I cried when they won in 2006. I'm not ashamed to say that either. I also am a huge hockey fan, I guess it helps growing up in a house where your brother played since he was 3 and you now know some NHLers. When the Blues when the cup sometime before 2012, I will cry just as much if not more than I did in 2006. Along with my extreme love for Cardinals and Blues, I go to Mizzou and have developed a love for all things College Football (Big 12 and SEC, get that second class football of the Pac 1 and small 10 off the air). I have always like professional wrestling and support the home town boy Randy Orton(notice that in my pic, I am next to Vince McMahon's star on Hollywood Blvd). My newest sport I have started to watch is MMA, gotta love grown man beating the hell out of each other.

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