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  • Michael Devivero posted 2111 days ago

    Michael Devivero

    I replied to your reply on this article.

    Just wanted to keep the conversation going, I know that B/R will only inform the original commentator about my reply, so I'm informing you instead.

  • Alan Carter posted 2122 days ago

    Alan Carter

    thought you might enjoy this.

  • Gray Ghost posted 2148 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Samuel, just wanted you to know that I officially resigned from the contest. Thanks for the Scripture verses on your profile. They are among my favorite.

  • Gray Ghost posted 2148 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Samuel, please read my response to yours and Chris' comment on Lisa's article. I truly don't think I am better than anyone else - no matter how many picks I get - or how many articles I receive. I had a knee-jerk reaction when I was tired and over-reacted. After reading my response, if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • Brian Murphy posted 2171 days ago

    Brian Murphy

    Yea man, Pride of the ACC! Nothing better than marching in front of 60,000 screaming fans. Thanks for the support and we'll keep playing Bon Jovi.

  • M posted 2173 days ago


    Hey Sam. No way I can argue with those stats. Hopefully we will get a chance to see another Pac 10/ACC battle for the championship this year.

  • M posted 2174 days ago


    There's nothing wrong with having pride in the ACC, especially a fine institution such as UNC. Don't want to spoil your party, but when it comes to the scope of all college sports, the Pac 10 is the best. This is especially true for basketball. You can disagree, but remember that this is coming from someone who went to the greatest college basketball school of all time.

    Other than that, I thought your piece on the CFB stadiums was quite interesting. Hope to read more of your work.

  • Matt Smith posted 2206 days ago

    Matt Smith

    Stick shift anyone?

  • James Doker posted 2210 days ago

    James Doker

    Totally understandable... I get that way about my teams sometimes, too. And with some people on this website, you really want to respond that way. No worries, keep up the writing and commenting.

  • James Doker posted 2210 days ago

    James Doker

    Please be civil in your comments. I appreciate that you don't agree with me, but I'd be more inclined to change my opinion if you refuted my comments politely instead of attacking me personally.

    Ad hominem arguments help no one, and only make you look like a hot-headed fan who can't see others' points of view (which I'm sure you are not). Take it easy, man.

    By the way, I enjoyed your first article the other day.