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  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 167 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Hey Francesco about the ideal formation in European matches i think it really depends on the opponent but i'm going to assume it's a very strong one. Let's see how about a 4-3-3 like the one we used against Real last season : Buffon -- Lichtsteiner Bonucci Chiellini Evra -- Vidal Marchisio Pogba -- Morata Tevez Giovinco. I would really like to include Pirlo and Barzagli for their invaluable expereience but sadly i feel that their age is a great liability or us especially if we're dealing with teams that like to hit you on the counter (Real, Chelsea, Dortmund...). And upfront hmm... What can i say i think we should rely more on the speed, energy and technique of Giovinco and Morata and have Tevez play a role somewhat similar to a false 9. At least until Llorente gets back in-form. What do you think Francesco ?

  • Francesco Amorosino posted 321 days ago

    Francesco Amorosino

    @Zaidi Rbendez:

    Hey Zaidi,

    For some reason I can't reply on your profile. I'll write here hoping that you'll see it.

    I personally believe that Conte and Agnelli are truly in discussion, but it's not as serious as the media has it seem. Conte's primary ambition is to win the Champions League, and he wants to make sure that the club has the same ambition as him. We can be comforted by the fact that Agnelli has the same dream, although he might not be willing to go all out in the transfer window, while Conte wants a revolution to the side.

    In my view the disagreement started after the supposed signing of Nani. I believe we have agreed with both the player and Man Utd for his signing, so it really looks like we'll be getting him. Agnelli probably expected him to be enough for us, while Conte (quite rightly) doesn't think that Nani is enough for a true jump in quality up front. It really should be something they can eventually agree on, hopefully Agnelli realizes that we need other players to truly compete. Perhaps Agnelli wouldn't have allowed the signing of Nani had he realized he wasn't going to be a starter (even though apparently he wasn't too expensive). Seeing as we haven't officially signed him we might see the deal break down.

    I don't think Evra is seen as the best option by both Marotta and Conte. He's 32 years old and not the most reliable defender. I think Kolarov is being seriously considered for that position (although I personally hope we go for someone better).

    Mandzukic might not be as unlikely as it may seem. He's really the type of player Conte would want up front. He's most likely going to leave Bayern this summer (what with Lewandowski arriving) and there are 3 teams rumored to be interested in him: Real Madrid, Juve, and Arsenal. Sources close to him say that he won't go to Real Madrid unless they sell Benzema, which doesn't seem too likely. I'd love to have him, but I think we'd have to sell Llorente if we were to get him (Bayern are asking for €30 million, while Marotta is only willing to offer a little more than €20 million right now).

    Di Maria we can keep out of our thoughts unless we sell Pogba to Real Madrid this summer, which I hope doesn't happen.

    Cavani and Suarez are far out of our price range.

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 322 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Cheers Francesco !! I've been meaning to ask you about the recent rumours regarding our summer transfer activity and those annoying hints that Conte is possibly leaving us. What do you make of them ? Especially about Conte and the Evra-Nani deals. And i don't even want to talk about the stupid rumours stipulating that Conte asked for either one of Mandzukic, Suarez or Cavani AND Di Maria.

  • John Cavenaghi posted 353 days ago

    John Cavenaghi

    Hi Francesco (o ciao se sei italiano), didn't know how else to get in touch with you. I've started a new project on Italian football called SerieAddicted, with the aim of promoting Calcio outside of Italy, by giving a local point of view (the editorial team is Italian, as half of the contributors). If you're interested, drop me a line:

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 431 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Hey Francesco, what's you opinion about our knocking-out of the Coppa Italia ? I think it's Conte's fault as he absolutely underestimated Roma, especially given the fact that we were playing away from home.

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 432 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Cheers, man !! As a fellow Juventino i must say that i am very impressed about your knowledge about our club, and for that in addition to your displayed wisdom in your comments you deserve my utmost respect. Forza JUVE !!!!

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 553 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    I was. A lot of stuff going on on a personal level. But that's over now, so look for some new articles in the coming weeks ;)

  • Matteo Bonetti posted 570 days ago

    Matteo Bonetti

    Francesco, let me know when you make a Twitter account

  • Colin O'Brien posted 572 days ago

    Colin O'Brien

    Cheers man. What I actually said can be seen here now:

    It might be anti-Lazio ... but it was more informed by the intense anger of a couple of Laziale friends of mine rather than my own leanings.

    It'll be interesting to see what Petkovic does now. I was at that Supercoppa game and they really were appalling. Juve were very good, but it was made it easy for them.

    That said, knowing Roma the derby will give Lazio the perfect spring-board for a great season ...