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  • Peter Parker posted 7 days ago

    Peter Parker

    I'm quite alright! Kroos leaving is a bit of a bummer, although I never was a big fan of him.
    I liked him at this Worl Cup, though!

    Well, for now I'm back for a bit ;) I just needed a time out from all the crap that often is written by writers and commenters alike.

    Winning the World Cup in Brazil was awesome, but right after the final wistle there was a slight feeling of "What now?" XD

  • Dan Riaz posted 99 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Where'd I leave my gun....

  • Andy Doubleday posted 99 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, I just sent a request and message. Is this you?

  • Dan Riaz posted 102 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Sigh and you just HAD to be right didnt you? Geez :/ Thanks for kicking us out of the champions league btw..

  • Andy Doubleday posted 108 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, buddy. Do you have Twitter/Facebook?

  • Junior Yanez posted 120 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    Nah man, I'm gonna check it out later on today. I'll have a different name on FB, I'll tell you it's me through a message.

  • Junior Yanez posted 125 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    Haha that sucks dude. That sounds pretty legit, what group is it?

  • Andy Doubleday posted 126 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Haha, I was wondering where you have been!

    But yes, I agree with you. How Jens Keller was gievn a new contract at the end of last season baffles me even!

    If he finishes second...

  • Junior Yanez posted 126 days ago

    Junior Yanez

    Super late!! lol OMG i thought your account was deleted or something lol

  • Andy Doubleday posted 190 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, am I the only one that thinks Draxler is having a poor season?

    His goals/assists are not very good. His chances created per minute is...well... And just by watching him, he can go anonymous in periods. And some might say it's because he's carrying a team with young shoulders. But Calhanoglu, Maxim, Verner, and Firmino have the same predicament, more or less.

    I mean, at this point, Meyer has been progressing a bit faster.

    Of course, he's still a very good prospect. But I have a feeling most Arsenal fans think he's like a top 10 Bundesliga player (nowhere near, in reality).