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  • Todd Kelly posted 1724 days ago

    Todd Kelly

    Well Peter it wasn't just me that mentioned how bad the list was in the thread but after I read the details and researched the issue a little I made my own list and posted it. Here is a copy...
    1) John Wall
    2) Russell Westbrook
    3) LeBron James
    4) Ty Lawson
    5) Derrick Rose
    6) Aaron Brooks
    7) Tony Parker
    8) Norris Cole
    9) Avery Bradley
    10) Eric Bledsoe
    11) Devin Harris
    12) Brandon Jennings
    13) Leandro Barbosa
    14) Jeff Teague
    15) Rajon Rondo
    16) Darren Collison
    17) Kyrie Irving
    18) Nate Robinson
    19) Monta Ellis
    20) Ricky Rubio
    21) Dwayne Wade
    22) Chris Paul
    23) Mike Conley
    24) D,J. Augustine
    25) Ish Smith

    I posted this on an elite level NBA bulletin board shortly after I sent that message and I only got a few negative comments. A couple people said Conley should be higher and someone noted that I omitted Kemba. Fair enough. I just think if you are going to post something like this you need to think more about it and look over an NBA players list before you publish it.

    There is 2 kinda of speed chase down speed and dribbling speed this should also have been considered on your list like it was on mine.

    In general I think it was a weak effort with lots of omissions and a few blatant errors.

  • Peter Emerick posted 1724 days ago

    Peter Emerick

    Thanks for the feedback. What was so awful about it.