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  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1843 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    Hahaha! I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. I'm a big Knob Creek and Maker's Mark fan when it comes to the Kentucky stuff. When I was on my out east here, I even stopped in at the distillery there just off the highway. I'm not a big drinker, but I do enjoy the good stuff when the occasion rises. This time of year its always quite festive to trickle a little off into a spicy glass of eggnog. lmao!!

  • Alaska C130airdrop posted 1844 days ago

    Alaska C130airdrop

    Awefully big of you to apologize Ryan. But truly, there was no need. If you knew me better, you'd know that I take none of this to heart, nor do I take it all very seriously. I'm passionate about college football, but truly, in my eyes, we are all just a bunch of fanatics lounging around in our lether recliners in the same room together, cheering on our favorite programs and throwing popcorn at each other. That's truly how I look at it. That said, I would be an enormous jugghead not to return the gesture, so please accept my apology as well. There is one thing for sure, and that is that I think we are both alot more passionate and knowledgible about our program than some folks using this thing.

    As far as the SEC goes, feel free to go look at several of my posts on Alabama slides and so on. You'll find that I have never really argued that the SEC is the conference I respect the most in terms of strength and quality. However, I do have to disagree with you about the injury argument. Simply fact is most injuries occur as a freak sort of thing, a player out of place or in an awkward body position, things of that nature. Not necessarily because one player lays the wood on another particular player any more furiously than another. Oregon has played SEC teams 3 times in recent years, and in none of those games have suffered noticible amounts of injuries, especially not any more than when compared to some other games within their own conference. This year for instance, Oregon suffered more injuries against Cal than anything, and thats a team thats in the tank. Ofcourse there were 5 personal fouls against Cal in that game very early on, and I'm still convinced they knew their season was more or less over, and were just out to hurt somebody. lol!!

    At any rate, you asked why I insert alot of "LMAO" and "LOL" and so on into my posts. Its not because I'm trying to express any anamosity... Its because within the limitations of pure text, you can't truly express to someone how you're reacting emotionally. I have been all over this world Ryan. In fact the company I've been with for many years, often takes relief charters, both civilian and military, into some very unpleasant parts of this world. As a side effect of that, I see things quite clearly, and although I'm extremely passionate about college football, I know all too well there are much better things in this world to get upset about. That said, the "LMAO"' and "LOL" and things, are just me trying to express that I'm truly laughing about our conversation, and that it is all being taken light-heartedly.

    One thing I didn't mention in any of our previous debates, is that I am 6'5" tall, 235 pounds, and I don't have any issue's none whatsoever handling myself. LOL!! But the truth is, I'm the kind of guy that would much rather rack up alot of friends on the path through life and save creating enemies for things much more pressing than sports entertainment. You can bank on that. And I do consider myself a Duck, because although I may not have a diploma from the University of Oregon, I was working very hard, sweat blood and tears, to help pay my wifes way through as she completed hers at the university. We lived very close to Autzen Stadium, and each time I was home and the schedule allowed, thats where we were, right there in the crowd with many alumn friends, screaming our guts out just as I'm sure you would at an Auburn game. At any rate, she now is a successful woman with a business degree among other things, and herself and all of her alumn friends consider me a Duck just as much as they are, and wouldn't call me anything else. I'm sure you do have your diploma and did attend the University of Oregon, I won't contunue to toss that one about anymore, and I'm also positive at this point that If you and I sat down to watch a game together, we'd have a hell of time, especially if a good single barrel whiskey was available. lol!!

    Anyway, I won't ramble on any further here. Take care for now Ryan, and have an amazing bowl season and excellent holliday. Best wishes to you and your family.