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John Harris

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i love sports. my favourties are the red sox, celtics, patriots, and bruins and john morrison and cm punk in the WWE yea im from boston but i hate John Cena

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  • Undead Warrior posted 1539 days ago

    Undead Warrior
    please check it out and leave your thoughts

  • Maria Cane posted 1545 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Check out my new article!

  • Jeff D Gorman posted 1611 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    Thanks for signing up as a fan, John!

  • Heel Mark posted 1631 days ago

    Heel Mark

    do me a favor, go swallow a bottle of disinfectant. i would appreciate if you chose to leave me alone, or call me by my right name. and if you are going to talk to me, at least learn how to spell. moron.

  • Andrea Claire posted 1644 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    I apologize John, I didn't know I had to issue a formal farewell!

    I really only come on and read articles sporadically.
    I've been busy working and honestly B/R just got boring.
    I do still pop on and browse articles from time to time, but not as often as I used to.

    I do hope all is well with you :)

  • Viggo Drakuvich posted 1742 days ago

    Viggo Drakuvich

    John Morrison is AWESOME!

  • Andrea Claire posted 1752 days ago

    Andrea Claire

    Yes John, I remember, that was quite the gimmick you had going.

    Thank you for the compliment,
    not sure why it matters, but since you asked . . . I'm 5'6.