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  • Magilla Gorilla posted 1685 days ago

    Magilla Gorilla

    Thanks Ryan, I have enjoyed your comments too.

  • Jim Flannery posted 1768 days ago

    Jim Flannery

    Thanks for the props, Ryan! Very much appreciated!

  • Phil Watson posted 1889 days ago

    Phil Watson

    Thanks, Ryan, for the dap on my Nick Swisher piece fro last night/early this morning/whenever the heck I actually finished it....lol

  • Mike Moraitis posted 1891 days ago

    Mike Moraitis

    I agree, no day off sucks big time. Still, I can't imagine the Yanks bats will remain dead for much longer. While I do anticipate the Yanks staff letting up more runs, I think they will score more also so that should balance it out.


  • Le Tenia posted 1912 days ago

    Le Tenia


  • Le Tenia posted 1913 days ago

    Le Tenia

    No, I just goaded him into leaving me a comment so I could send him a reply that was long overdue. Check out my response.

  • Le Tenia posted 1929 days ago

    Le Tenia

    I'm not really feeling the Granderson-Dunn comparison, but I see where your angle is. The numbers have been pretty similar in recent years. Dunn has a lot more power and no speed.

    Granderson reminds me of a bit of a left handed Jason Werth. I really don't see anyone that compares with Granderson. He's a pretty unique player. I think his power numbers are extremely over-inflated playing in Yankee Stadium, though. I wouldn't want him on my team unless he was batting sixth or lower in the order. Too many no contact at-bats.

    Players like him are what get you knocked out early in the playoffs. The Yanks have too many guys like this: Swisher, Teixeira, Andruw Jones. These guys suck in the post season because they are swinging for the long ball all the time and that's not what wins playoff games. Execution and the ability to make the small, smart plays are what wins championships.

    Yanks lose again tonight. 10 game lead gone. In two weeks their season could be over. There's still a lot of baseball to be played though.

  • Le Tenia posted 1930 days ago

    Le Tenia

    Damn it. I knew that horse comment would do it.

    I have no self discipline. I guess I just can't help myself.

    All kidding aside, The Yanks have a weak schedule in the last two weeks and that should get them into the playoffs. I can't see them losing to Minnesota, Toronto and the Dead Sox so you're probably saved. Plus the extra wild card helps a lot. Although, if they do miss the playoffs no Yankee fan should show their face in public.

    I'm no Texas Ranger fan but that's who I see going to the WS from the AL. I just see them as the hungriest and most battle-tested team. The American league has really mediocre teams this year so the Yanks could potentially make a run if they get in. The National league should win no matter who they face because of the huge pitching edge they'll have and home field advantage.

    As a side note, I know who the snitch is who keeps getting me booted from the site and he thinks I'm not aware of this. If, and when, I get kicked off again I'm going to make his life completely miserable beyond belief the next time I come back. He won't be able to write another article without getting harassed relentlessly from all kinds of phantom accounts that will heckle and disrupt his every move on this site. I hate snitches. His initials are D.R. and if I get kicked off again I'm coming for him ...and only him. Let him know that if this Le Tenia account gets deleted it's officially ON!


  • Le Tenia posted 1930 days ago

    Le Tenia

    This stretch run is going to be tough for Yankee fans, eh?

    Collapse does appear eminent.

    You are a Yankee fan who actually has intelligence. Surely you can see that their season is rapidly going down the toilet. You don't have to be a visionary to detect the obvious.

    Fortunately for them the O's and Rays are junk. Maybe they can hang on (and get eliminated/humiliated in the first round of the playoffs for their efforts).

    This does seem to be a familiar theme with Yankee baseball in recent years.

  • Dan Kelley posted 1934 days ago

    Dan Kelley

    Thank you for the support, Ryan. All the best to you.