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Gardner McBride


Gardner McBride

Gardner McBride has served as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of US based and Canadian based enterprises. He has been responsible for acquiring funding and negotiating acquisitions, divestitures and running enterprises that have ranged from software to product and service companies. He is a Permanent Resident of Canada which has been his home for fifteen years.

Entrepreneurship: Mr. McBride was instrumental in facilitating over 60 startups, mergers and acquisitions in the contact center and other industries including energy monitoring, medical devices, and bio-refining. He was responsible for sourcing or developing new technologies for these companies and raising the capital needed for expansion. He has led negotiations that brought in USD$10 ML of a total USD$30 ML capital round that funded a company expansion. Sales increased from USD$1 ML to USD$23 ML during the expansion.

Fortune 500 Companies: Mr. McBride, as part of Senior Management at Interline Communications (a USWest company), was responsible for the smart buildings initiative. He also served as a mentor to the President for a newly launched subsidiary of Illinois Bell (successfully launching a spin-off riser cable management company in six months) and a two-year assignment to prepare a Johnson Controls subsidiary for sale. This assignment included finding a purchaser and the successful negotiation of the divestiture of the subsidiary. Mr. McBride continued with the divested company for a year to assure continuity of policy and management. Other consulting assignments have been conducted for IBM and Honeywell while with the BBH&S consulting firm.

Nonprofits: Mr. McBride has extensive experience in sales, marketing, management and finance in both for-profit and non-profit enterprises. He served as the Executive Vice President (Chief Staff Officer) of The Building Owners and Managers Association International for a decade and prior to that as the Interim Executive Vice President of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce. He was recently the elected Vice Chairman of the Peak Load Management Alliance in the electric utility industry. More recently he has been the Corresponding Secretary for an agricultural cooperative forming on Amherst Island where he currently lives on a 127 acre farm.

He is a graduate of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, and brings over thirty years of business experience to his practice.

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    Mr McBride:

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