Carl Ragsdale

Carl Ragsdale


Hello! Thank you for checking out my profile!

I am a graduate student in mathematics at Syracuse University pursuing a Ph.D. I earned my BA and MA in mathematics at the University of Maine in 2011 and 2013, respectively.

I'm also an aspiring distance runner, and I plan to run in the Boston Marathon one day. I ran my first marathon at Mount Desert Island, Maine on October 17, 2010.

Besides college and running, football is my main passion. I love playing football, watching football, talking about football, and writing about football. I'm hoping that I will convey my knowledge of, insights into, and love for the game to my readers.

I am a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.
I would like to thank the many writers on this site who have supported me and provided respectful, positive feedback and constructive criticism for my writing. I would also like to thank those writers on this site that have provided me with some of the most amazing sports debates I've ever had.

Terrible story: for my 19th birthday I got a Donovan McNabb jersey and three weeks later they traded him to the Redskins.

Favorite quotation:
"The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success"
-Vince Lombardi

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  • Showtime posted 1034 days ago


    Shut up and worry about your crappy Celtics and their racist fanbase who are a million times worse than the Lakers.

  • Bobbi posted 1405 days ago


    Carl: Congratulations!

    You achieved over 500 comments and closed it down,
    on your B/R article "Will Tebow Make Patriots Final Roster?"

    FYI, ha.

    NOW: You can view first hand and understand what I was
    referring to when I said I couldn't go back and see the replies
    to my comments on another article that had closed down.

  • Marc Freshman posted 1671 days ago

    Marc Freshman

    Hey Carl, glad you enjoyed my Brady article. Thanks very much.

  • Josh Matt posted 1673 days ago

    Josh Matt

    fan add?

  • Aidan Reynolds posted 1935 days ago

    Aidan Reynolds

    Hi Carl

    Thanks for becoming a fan; I appreciate it.

  • T.A posted 2291 days ago


    Hello Carl,

    Just thought an avid Eagles fan like you would enjoy this video.

    I wish I saw him :)

  • vance day posted 2308 days ago

    vance day

    Carl: to be elite enough to make it to the HOF a QB must make significant contributions to the game- contributions by his own performance in context the team.
    Brady's 3 SB wins: His performance Contribution 7 TD (1 interception)
    Roeths 2SB wins :His performance Contribution ONE TD yeah one touchdown that is six points man. ( 3 interceptions).
    This loser is no clutch. I am not a hater- but things will be worse for the steelers this year.
    Freedom of speech works for me. and you?

  • Michael Coyle posted 2333 days ago

    Michael Coyle

    come on carl. statistically, they've been better, so what? who cares? how many super bowls have they won since spygate? how about their post season success? it's been mediocre at best. you can talk about points per game and brady this and brady that but all that matters are lombardi trophies, and since spygate they have 0. period, end of discussion

  • jeremy batista posted 2352 days ago

    jeremy batista

    you have philp rivers in front on payton manning and he didnt even make the playoffs.Roethlisberger miss 6 games and still has amazing numbers and might lead the steelers to another super bowl. You have mark sanchez that out played tom brady at number 20. The rookie sam bradford and JOHN KITNA if front of mark sanchez that throw 6 game winning TD's this year and took over a fanchise that wasnt even factor when you talked NY sports. dont speak football when you dont know foorball

  • T.A posted 2463 days ago


    Carl check out this cool video by NFL Films