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  • Dan Riaz posted 1454 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hi, hows it goin?

  • The U posted 1555 days ago

    The U

    lmao whatever 2 year old. N no because i owned u so badly in previous comment that u afraid u get owned again so u stayed off b/r oh and i used facts dumbass every time. nooo u not got life ur a loser

  • The U posted 1556 days ago

    The U

    u disappeared cuz i owned u. loser

  • The U posted 1568 days ago

    The U

    In case u dont know i sent a comment

  • The U posted 1576 days ago

    The U

    So you think we would have been beaten both times if Duke got Kelly? Uh no, in fact the only reason they BEAT us is because Kelly had an unbelievably lucky shooting night that day, we would've still won by 15+ if Kelly played in OUR arena. The ACC wasn't good, yeah totally because The U, Duke, North Carolina and state, Maryland, Virginia, Boston College were TOTALLY bad teams. And you think Duke Johnson isn't a heisman contender?? Are you fuckin retarded?? Probably. I know you don't know anything about him, nor College Football, nor any other sport, but looking at his rushing stats and the rushing stats ONLY isn't getting you anywhere. Go ask anyone who KNOWS something about College Football and they'll tell you. Or maybe you can just type in "Duke Johnson h" and you'll see plenty of heisman results. He ran for almost 1000 yards on almost 7 YARDS PER CARRY, 8th in ALL PURPOSE YARDS (just an fyi, it's rush yards+receiving yards+kick return yards+punt return yards), 7th in kick returns yards, 2nd in avg yards per kick return, and 2 kick return tds. Yeah he was on a horrible team and they still won 7 games. Yeah and I don't think the QB, receivers, and the o line weren't that great either. Not to mention he was ACC freshman of the year.
    Remember when you said the U wouldn't make it to the first round? The U in football has 5 titles compared to Syracuse's 1, more bowl appearances and wins, heisman winners and consensus all americans. And the Knicks will beat the Heat, you claim? Ah see, bandwagoners don't know shit about sports. The Knicks are going NOWHERE bud while my heat win the championship, for like 5 more years!! I'll be mocking u when the Heat crush them in 5, like I've always embarrassed you. Oh I also forget to address you, you said that Mike Woodson had previous success in the playoffs huh? Like getting swept with the scrubby Hawks?? And you would take Vick over Freeman?? HA of course YOU would, cuz again you don't know a thing about sports and only favor your teams. And yeah Vick like never had Tre Thomas, Jason Peters, Evan Mathis and wayyy better rbs (except this year, Doug Martin is a BEAST) and don't tell me this year they had a ton of injuries, Im talkin about all the other years. Oh and there are your STATS I told you about the U you asshole. And btw sorry but you failed when you tried to act smart bringing my sister in this argument. The No 1 rankings arent passed around, theyre earned.... just like my sister at prom night!! Ouch!!

  • The U posted 1577 days ago

    The U

    Wait wait wait.... you're from NY right? So how come you support the RIVAL EAGLES??!! Really?? You chose THEM instead of the giants who actually WIN?? You were probably a Jets fan before so.... And if you are so loyal why'd you hop onto ND's bandwagon this year eh? Syracuse football and Nassib ain't good for you? See, that's what you're missing. Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Santana Moss.... all good players that came from the U. I support 3 NFL teams, and you support more than 1 college team!! And you missed the WHOLE POINT. When was the last time Notre Dame won a title? 0 BCS championships!! One good year and you hopped on. smh. And when was the last time they were ranked no 2 in the nation? Oh and onto Syracuse. They were NEVER ranked no 1 this season you fool. In fact, they've never gotten to no 2 in the nation either. So, the U had a ranking that Syracuse didn't have the ENTIRE SEASON. Losing to Georgetown 2-1 this season and getting WHOPPED by Louisville (lmao) in the big east championship game, yeah that's so much better than sweeping nc, destroying duke, and almost beating them in duke if it werent for that kelly. And for Syracuse, when have THEY won a natl championship? Wrong again. Miami has DUKE JOHNSON (of course you don't know who he is) and he's a Heisman contender. After that FRAUD overrated Teo (who got all of his interceptions off tipped passes and a great rush defense to hurry the QB for bad throws) left ND who are their heisman contenders? Oh and the Knicks. Don't tell me, you were a NJ Nets fan in their heydays right? With Kidd, Jefferson, Mutombo and Kenyon? I rooted for the Heat in the Zo and Hardaway days you fool. You're telling me to use facts, you blindass I already am. Why don't you use facts? It's a good idea for arguments, ya know.

  • The U posted 1578 days ago

    The U

    Wow ur dumb

    1 I never said Spoelstra was a great coach. I support him because he's the Heat coach
    2 Research the definition of the word "bandwagon". You probably start rooting for them when they were winning right? You only support them now cuz they're still decent
    3 I told you, idiot, I like the Ravens because they had Lewis and Reed, from the U.
    4 Notre Dame football fan huh? Since 2012 right?
    5 Syracuse.... BANDWAGON alert
    6 Knicks.... since 2010 right?
    7 If you're going to follow bandwagons then jump off the Eagles because they SUCK.
    8 Ravens will still do wayyyy better than your shitty eagles
    9 No one gives a shit about the U? Like when they won the natl title in football and were no 2 in this season's poll huh? Let's see NOTRE LAME or Syracuse do that.
    10 O my god I really didn't know that his name is JOHNNY MANZIEL you're so smart for telling me that! Your sentence made no sense. More people call him Johnny Football than people say "king james". And his name is JOHNNY his last name is MANZIEL you dumbass. When did I ever say that I created the name? You're a clueless idiot Im telling you.

    Yes I am from Miami, gotta problem with that?

    You know nothing about sports so don't call me bandwagon when I support all the teams in my state except the Ravens

  • Small Fundamental posted 1581 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    The U won't bother you again. I reported him to the admins

  • Dan Riaz posted 1582 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    How are you mate?