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  • J Rock posted 1650 days ago

    J Rock

    Ben, I only troll the seahawks board because some of your fans constantly troll ours. I respect all of your opinons and enjoy reading your posts. Dont take the post I put on here personally lol they are just to rile up your fellow fans. Its kinda funny. lol Keep up the good discussion and pop in to our boards too. Dont be a stranger.

  • Frank Benson posted 1755 days ago

    Frank Benson

    I think you are mistaking a 'fanbase' with its team. I dont hate the team, dislike the team or think the team itself is "bad"... now the fans themselves thats a different issue I see. Nobody that is a 'Seahawks' fan can seem to give anyone on any other team any credit for anything. Every debate is a land slide for whatever topic has the Seahawks player at the #1 spot. NO credit can ever be given to any of the other seemingly non apparent 31 NFL franchises. Nobody is any good and everybody else sucks & teams dont beat seattle, they just beat themselves. I'm a football fan, not just a "SEAHAWKS" football fan so when I talk to 'seahawk' fans they only say good things about the home team, nobody else.

  • Frank Benson posted 1755 days ago

    Frank Benson

    Let me know what you're reffering to princess? What did I say that got your butt all itchy? I dont recall ever saying the seahawks have a bad team. show me the link where I say that & maybe I'll have an answer for you.