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I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I graduated from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and Rhetoric and a minor in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

From an early age, I loved pro wrestling and I feel fortunate to have been able to grow up during the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars.

I also grew up an Oilers fan, and was devastated when they left for Nashville. But the Texans came to town, and I have been a fan since 2002.

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  • Black Widow posted 1364 days ago

    Black  Widow

    You are one of those who actually give feedback to some of the us here. Great!

  • Jim Lippincott posted 1486 days ago

    Jim Lippincott

    Hey ales where is AJ in the power rankings???? SMDH

  • show man posted 1542 days ago

    show man

    Ur Power Rankings are great and I'm thrilled to see it every week and my request to you is if ur watching WWE NXT, can you make a Power Rankings for WWE NXT as well. (Seperate from main Roster) and I wanted to see you in top writers in BR soon.

  • show man posted 1556 days ago

    show man

    Thank you for the Power Rankings every week

  • Black Widow posted 1584 days ago

    Black  Widow

    Hey Alex!

    No power ranking article this week??

  • Robin Nico posted 1605 days ago

    Robin Nico

    Hello Alex!!!

    I drop by to say how much I love some of your works. It is just that, the power ranking that you published on 22nd of July that bothers me a lot. May I know what are the criterion for a talent to be in the list?

    Robin Nico

  • Nick Mason posted 1771 days ago

    Nick Mason

    I enjoyed your article on the state of wrestling, and I agree with many of your points, but I don't think things are as bleak as your article suggests.
    As you can find in this interveiw, fans aren't the only ones who compare the WWE product of today to the attidude era. In the first question Bruno says thst their were a lot of issues he had with WWE, and has been very impressed by the changes.
    The Attiude era is gone, but so are many stupid storylines, like Val Venis getting his penis chopped off, Big Boss Man stealing the Big Shows fathers coffin, and Triple H having sex with a corpse
    The Tag Team division is being revived, indie wrestlers are finally being given a chance, and not every pay-per-veiw main-event has either Cena, Orton, or both.
    But most importantly, we have the wellness policy, and no more chair shots to head.
    In your article mentioned you were hopeful for the future. I think the future is now.

  • denise forbis posted 1841 days ago

    denise forbis

    hi alex, you were just calling it as you see it. You and I both just happen to see it the same way. In no way did I take you as being a racist and I'm african american. If you don't mind could you give @y_u_saythat a shout out on twitter. It's a non profit organization that supports preventing BULLYING. I will never let these people BULLY you Alex:) you can check us out on,

  • Alex Musso posted 1852 days ago

    Alex Musso

    I'd love it

  • Josh Matt posted 1852 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?