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David Moose


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  • Chris Lane posted 2273 days ago

    Chris Lane

    David...I just wanted you to know that I take the whole "fan" thing here at B/R very seriously. I thank you much for enjoying my writings here at B/R. I submitted by application to write articles here at B/R today but royally screwed it up by clicking on "submit" by accident. I fully intend to submit applications until I get on staff and then show some of my comic talent (haha) along with my writings. I try not to do it so much in my comments because I want people to think I am much smarter than I am. Anyway, I thank you much and appreciate you putting me as a favorite writer. I hope to one day make a ton of fans but as of now I have only 4. I have talked with you before and hope to meet with you soon. Take care, brother. As always Go, Bucks! See ya soon.

  • Wayne Smith posted 2534 days ago

    Wayne  Smith

    "Swing and a miss Wayne"
    Big time. tOSU has been there before and Arky hasn't. It showed on the field. Good win for the Buckeyes.