I come on here to write occasionally when something sparks my fancy, I don't want to flood the visitors here with my shiz as the Bleacher's WWE team is all over it and knows their stuff. I'm generally found talking about wrestling (and sometimes even e-fedding) over at the 606v2.com forum.

My first love is football, I'm a West Ham fan and I love the game. But I come here for the wrestling stuff. I've gone through three periods of my life watching wrestling, always a WWE(F) man. As a child my dad got me tapes of the Hogan dominance era, the late 80s/early 90s stuff with Hogan the hero and the emergence of Bret Hart. I was a big fan of those two, although I loved Taker and HBK too (numerous family photos are ruined by me near the ground doing the HBK pose).

I then came back for the end of the Attitude Era, 1999-2002/3 ish. I loved the guys you'd expect a teenager to love, but Foley was my hero, whilst Taker has always been a god to me.

Finally, it was a drunken night in a packed University bar watching Wrestlemania 27 that got me back into wrestling. The shame was gone, I see people around me watching The Hills and The Only Way is Essex. They laugh at me? Screw them! As any other 'smark' would, I have long held a new love for CM Punk. Punk, Ziggler, Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Kane have been big pluses throughout the return of this guy to the WWE Universe world. The new school coming through, with the Indy scene having an impact, are making me happy. Cesaro, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Big E, Damien Sandow, Barrett. I also really like Brad Maddox.

TNA has its moments, and they have some cracking British wrestlers like Magnus and Spud (and they should sign the Blossom Twins and Marty Scurll too), but falters too often. Samoa Joe is insanely good, but TNA push Hogan as their main face even though he can barely walk.

That's me for now. Want more? Catch me on the V2 Wrestling Podcast on v2journal.com and follow me on twitter @The_Wilkerson.

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  • Nour Sedki posted 1653 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    Hi mate. Just need you to do me a favor here. When WWE described Jeff Hardy as "one of the most popular WWE Champions in history" in their bio of him on his Alumni page, did they mean he was one of the most popular guys when he WWE Champion, or just one of the most popular guys overall? And what does 'WWE Champions' mean here; a WWE Champion (like John Cena is now) or any Champion in WWE (i.e IC or US or tag-team). Thanks in advance, Charles!

  • Josh Matt posted 1880 days ago

    Josh Matt

    who do u think is better on mic ? rock/ jericho?

  • Josh Matt posted 1886 days ago

    Josh Matt

    fan add?