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I am not a professional writer, nor do I work for a school newspaper, but I am a hardcore Cincinnati Bengals fan who now resides in Johnston, RI. Born and raised in Cincinnati, I moved to Rhode Island in 1992 to get a fresh start on life and fell in love with New England. However, the "fans" here are some of the biggest bandwgoners on the planet. Before I start getting all kinds of hate mail let me clarify. I am not saying that all fans here are bandwgoners, but a large portion is and the real hardcore fans know this and would admit this to me. I am specifically talking about Patriots fans because the Red Sox and Bruins fans are real and stick with them no matter what happens. Most Patriots fans can tell you very little about the team pre-Belechick and are a joke.

I respect all true fans of any team as long as they are passionate about their team and stick with them through good times and bad times. I really believe that Bengal fans are the most loyal in the NFL and I think that Paul Daugherty, a writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer said it best when he said "Real men follow Mike Brown’s Cincinnati Bengals. Anyone can root for the Boston Red Sox or the Dallas Cowboys or Microsoft. Hanging with Brown’s Bengals takes true grit. You’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers? Get outta my tragedy, man. Compared to me, you’re the Prince of Wales."

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