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I am from Ann Arbor, I like Michigan, I hate Ohio. If the Lions ownership is reading, I will run the team for half of whatever you are paying the clowns currently in charge. SEC speed is a myth. The Big Ten struggles in bowl games because they are de facto road games. Come play in the Big House and see what happens (unless you are USC...). The NBA is rigged (for LeBron, but in general too). Sparty will always be Sparty. SPARTY NOOOO!!! The notion of Notre Dame Football as something that is divine is silly. Charlie Weis once tried to eat me. The NFL is too canned, but I watch, because its football. Tiger is the most dominant athlete of this era. Soccer is boring. So is tennis. Don't talk to me about cars driving in circles or ovals. Every time Jim Tressel sneezes, many African children die.

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