william brown

william brown


D.O.B: 16/Oct/1981
Age: 31
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

My name is William Brown, also known as 'Wolf'

I'm have been known as a 'Multi-Track' thinker because i give my thoughts etc more in one ways, sometimes at the same time. I have a daughter Scarlett-Rose whom is 1 years old and she lives with her mother, my ex-fiancée.

My childhood was a journey through hell but i keep pulling through and over come every obstacle that comes my way and do what i need to just to survive life.

I believe in the Paranormal and the Unexplained, always have and always will, thats just the way i am. Some people find it hard to believe what i believe in.

As for my hobbies etc goes, i am known as an 'Artist' i do sketch work (Anime/Manga/Horror etc) i also often do my own tattoo designs just from boredom really. If I'm not doing sketch work i play my PS3 or i am writing stories.

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