Quinton Moore

Quinton Moore


Hello...My name is Quinton Collier Daniel Moore...I am originally from the Bronx, New York but I have lived in Charlotte, NC; Baltimore, MD; and Atlanta, GA. I now currently re-reside in the metro Atlanta area.

Out of all the sports that I am a true fan of...I would have to say without a doubt, that I am an NFL fan through and through. I do like the other two popular American sports - i.e. Basketball and Baseball...but the NFL is my first love. My favorite team or teams, you ask? THE NEW YORK GIANTS. I have been a NEW YORK GIANTS fan since 1979. I am one who is nearly fanatical about the team and the NFL, even after the season has ended. I always keep up with what's going on, whether major or minor...because a WELL INFORMED fan IS the best fan.

Other activities that I engage in: Working on my internet business (www.myavmagic.com), watching CARTOON NETWORK'S ADULT SWIM (yeah...I am BIG KID), travelling, and meeting new people.

If you'd like to get in contact with me..you can usually find me on yahoo IM....my name on there is bigbluefanatic70

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