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  • voetbal 12 posted 1515 days ago

    voetbal 12

    Let me make this very clear Joe.

    You've a hick. You're overweight, and have no concept of what a real sport is since you've been lied to your whole life. It really isn't your fault.

    Now please stop conversing with me, I'm busy working with professional athletes and writing journals and loving life. While you're busy at your dead end med save job to make ends meet or should that be "meat" (deli puns haha)

  • voetbal 12 posted 1529 days ago

    voetbal 12

    What is it you don't understand?

    I made a well articulated rebuttal to your rude and ignorant post in the article.
    On your profile I told you I don't want the male supplements you at medsave would offer me.

  • voetbal 12 posted 1531 days ago

    voetbal 12

    Have fun working at the help desk at Medsave

  • Joe C posted 1532 days ago

    Joe C

    @voet so what youre saying is its bigger than the rest of the soccer pansies collective 2 millimeters? yeah. i think the women really dig the 3mm peter. the fact that you had to use something non-sports related as your counterargument just proves my argument. soccer is a deadbeat no brainer sport, which is why you euros love it.

    moments ago

  • voetbal 12 posted 1532 days ago

    voetbal 12

    Jon I'm not interesting in penis enlargement pills. My member is thick enough already thank you very much.