Stuart Mahoney

Stuart Mahoney


I am a big-time baseball fan, having grown up in the Seattle suburbs during the days of Lou Pinella and Ken Griffey Jr., and as such I still hold my loyalties to the Mariners, no matter how bad they get (which is getting put to the test this year, I admit, but firm I stand...)

I was excited to find this site, because I used to write for the newspaper when I was in college, but haven't had much opprotunity to hone my journalism writing skills for a long time, and now not only do I get to do so, but I also get to write about one of my favorite subjects, baseball.

I am currently residing in the fine community of Pocatello, Idaho, USA.

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  • Brian Conlin posted 3415 days ago

    Brian Conlin

    Thanks for the compliment and for leaving a comment on my article. Teams have not been shy of going into independent leagues to pick up players. Hopefully, Gibbons gets a shot. Thanks again.

  • Braden Moore posted 3447 days ago

    Braden Moore

    Hey man, heres to hoping that the Mariners get back on track soon. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.