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Drew is but a simple man. A man who loves Boise State football more than anyone should.

So he blogs.

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  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3024 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Packers Community leaders have a Packers daft pick contest going. Here are the details:

  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 3139 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    I'd love to get your feedback.

  • Gray Ghost posted 3161 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    My latest:

  • Gray Ghost posted 3217 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    This one is dear to me!

  • Drew Roberts posted 3218 days ago

    Drew Roberts

    Hmmm. While another undefeated season is starting to look like a distinct possibility, we are going to need some major help from Utah and BYU (they have to lose...and not to each other). Kinda sucks because if Boise State had been given the same "benefit of a doubt" that Fresno State got this year with their preseason ranking...we might be sitting pretty right now.

    It'll be fun whatever happens, right?

  • Micah Green posted 3218 days ago

    Micah Green

    You think BSU goes all the way this year?

  • Gray Ghost posted 3224 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    I've got to read your Kellen Moore article as soon as I finish this! He looked great!

    I humbly submit my latest:

  • Gray Ghost posted 3238 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    If you get a chance:

  • Gray Ghost posted 3244 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Drew, this one is from my heart.

  • Gray Ghost posted 3249 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Drew, I hope this helps us all!