I have often heard people, in bars, at games, on the web, debate the age old question "What is a "SPORT"?

I have come up with a very accurate description of what the definition of a sport is. Try it. It works.

Here is my simple criteria:

If the activity in question can be engaged in without any appreciable drop off in performance while smoking a cigarette, it is NOT a sport.

Try a few:

Hockey? IS a sport. Clearly cant be played while smoking a cigarette.

Football? IS a sport. Same as hockey.

Car racing? IS a sport. You can drive a car while smoking a cigarette but, RACE one? No way.

Bowling? IS a sport. You can smoke while bowling but you kind of have to put the cig down before rolling.

Pool and billiards? Borderline. Ive see some good pool players shoot with cigarettes in their mouths, but I tend to believe they would be even better if they put the butt down before shooting.

Baseball? IS a sport. You could get away with smoking if the ball was never hit to you. But BATTING? No way.

Golf? IS a sport. You can smoke while riding or walking to the next hole but you have to put down the cig when actually hitting the ball.

Poker? NO WAY! (Sorry, ESPN!) You can play poker with TEN lit cigarettes in your mouth and it wouldnt change a thing. It might even make you BETTER.

So, there it is. Try it yourself. (Rugby, soccer, tiddly winks, chess, checkers, surfing and snowboarding (I said CIGARETTES!), bungie jumping, horse racing, etc.) Works every time!

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  • Squeeky Clean posted 1794 days ago

    Squeeky Clean

    Interesting...the Pack would win it exactly opposite of what people expected? Was that 3 muffed kicks and a D so full of holes it made a chain link fence look like a wall?

  • johnny hesher posted 1795 days ago

    johnny hesher

    Tigershart your a douche!!

  • Scott Vogel posted 2512 days ago

    Scott Vogel

    My bad. Thank you for the "correction" :-)

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 2821 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

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    Then you can also take issue with my article on thugs in Anaheim I wrote last week...

  • JW Nix posted 2904 days ago

    JW Nix

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    Patrick Cwiklinski

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  • Mark Jones posted 3068 days ago

    Mark Jones


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    Patrick Cwiklinski

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