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I am like Steven Segal on steroids, a total badass who dominates everyone and everything he comes across. I am also quite multi-faceted. I can bench press the moon and then bake you some cupcakes for your birthday. I spend most of my time walking around town staring people down who aren't as badass as me, which is everyone. When I am not staring people down, I am in the shower washing the stench of non-badass off me. (At least I wish I was that cocky o.O)

Other than the humorous side of me, I have an absorbent amount of knowledge of my team sports, the NFL and NHL. That led me to join this group so I can express my two cents.

My personal life is just like many others in the sense of going to school, finishing school, getting a job, hating the job, finding my passion, loving my passion, and living the dream. Stretch to say that I guess, but my passion is sports and I consider my business degree and my job stuff I do on the side!! I am entering my last summer of courses and still trying to enter the "real world", but its funny how getting a degree can land you so many opportunities when I get shut down because of my "lack of experience" in the financial world. Law of averages should be on my side at one point, so I should have something soon.

I do love a lot of things, but since this isn't, I'm not wasting yours or my time on the things I adore in life, so I will keep it simple. If you are REALLY interested in what I love to do, I would be glad to tell ya.

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  • Ken Armer posted 3071 days ago

    Ken Armer

    As a CL i welcome newbies to BR and am just sorta in charge of helping people who write about the Ducks get their articles notices by others by editing and rating them. Now its pretty quiet with it being the offseason for the Ducks an all.

  • Ken Armer posted 3072 days ago

    Ken Armer

    On behalf of everyone with Bleacher Report Welcome. I'm Ken, and I'm a die hard Stars and Ducks fan. Hopefully you'll forgive me for also being the Ducks Community Leader on here, but i just know the team better currently. Great picture of you and Turk! BTW if you ever need anything, just let me know, Im on here often.