David Tool

David Tool


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  • Steve LFC posted 1675 days ago

    Steve LFC

    Eat Sh*t your beloved Man Chity lost against a side you had poulsen and babel both former LFC rejects. You f*cking sewer rat.

  • Kevin Ng posted 1676 days ago

    Kevin Ng

    Sigh..y do u want to attract attention by making everyone scold u...really pity what is going through your not very tidy mind

  • Steve LFC posted 1677 days ago

    Steve LFC

    You sewer rat

  • Matthew Hutchinson posted 1678 days ago

    Matthew Hutchinson

    You have SOOOOOOOOO much football knowledge.

  • Jerry Koh posted 1678 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    to say you are a tool would be an understatement.

  • Steve LFC posted 1678 days ago

    Steve LFC

    Go drown in a shallow pond you tool..

  • Tobias Okeniyi posted 1679 days ago

    Tobias Okeniyi

    very funny guy who has no knowledge of football #tool#

  • David Hendrick posted 1681 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Your surname is a good representation of you as a person.