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  • Al R posted 1455 days ago

    Al R

    Seriously, dude, does your vagina hurt? Maybe you should grow some balls.

  • Al R posted 1455 days ago

    Al R

    Listen to yourself: "I am just saying you're stooping to the lowest level of mankind, while trying to prove your comments by calling people names...nothing wrong with posting on my board. Go for it, insult and dirty your mouth all you want! :-)"

    Exactly where did I use any dirty language?

    Try manning up, dude.

    Stay out of the kitchen if you can't take the heat.

  • Al R posted 1455 days ago

    Al R

    Oh, so you can insult people on their bulletin board but if someone does the same to you there's a started, what a complete loser. You really are pathetic, dude. Just pathetic.

  • Al R posted 1456 days ago

    Al R

    You are a retarded dog barking through the night. Your words are worth less than nothing. And that's one to grow on!

  • Jeremy Dorn posted 1460 days ago

    Jeremy Dorn

    Thanks for the props on the Smith-Kaepernick article!