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Peter started out as a right fielder in Little League (when he wasn't on the bench), and later got cut as a wide receiver on the football team. He was too short to play basketball. But he quickly found out that there was money to be made by writing sports for the local newspapers, along with some other perks. And it was fun, too. Undergrad days in Ann Arbor and graduate days at Stanford launched a life-long passion for Pac-12 and Big Ten sports.

In later years the sporting event experiences got enhanced to include margaritas and provocative conversations about sports and life. The games themselves are always great fun. But they are so much more interseting when you add in human emotions. It's often inspiring to learn great life lessons from sports, regardless of whether the team wins or loses. We are fortunate to have great sports around us all the time. The games are not the most important thing in life, but they sure add to our life experiences. There is always much to learn and enjoy.

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