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Kevin Gilmore


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  • AJ Singh posted 1132 days ago

    AJ Singh

    dude can you believe the luck fanboys going rabid over that freeman article? I still can't get over the fact that someone actually said tannehill was better than wilson smh.. Do they not realize luck is a stat padder against shit defenses?

  • Kevin Gilmore posted 1515 days ago

    Kevin Gilmore

    Ohhhh I'm just loving this... First It was me just doing battle with an incompetent *ss named Brad. He got embarrassed, couldn't handle it, so he call in the cavalry. So now I'm going to battle with 3 cyber bullies... oooohhhhh I'm scared. lol

    You three guys are nothing more than the 2013 version of the three stooges. (Brad is Mo), (Lord you're Larry), and (Wiggles, oh I mean Niggles is Curly). What a bunch of sorry d*cks!!! Laughing all day at you clowns. Next time let Brad "The Clown" handle his own spats and mind your business...
    Signing off
    The Goon Watch Patrol

  • Lord Squidmittens posted 1520 days ago

    Lord Squidmittens

    Smoking crack is better for you than communicating with this idiot; it kills less brain cells

  • Sir Niggles posted 1520 days ago

    Sir Niggles

    Like I said if you dont have something intelligent to say, shut up and quit draining my iq

  • Lord Squidmittens posted 1521 days ago

    Lord Squidmittens

    I just read a few of this idiot's comments, and damn Brad, you're right! Must be overcompensating for something

  • Brad McLain posted 1521 days ago

    Brad McLain

    Hahahahahaha you are so funny! You think that because you talk about penises and cum that you must be some sort of genius!

  • Brad McLain posted 1524 days ago

    Brad McLain

    If idiots had wheels, this man here would be a tractor trailer.