Tyler Brooke is a Featured Columnist for the Indianapolis Colts and member of the Breaking News Team for Bleacher Report as well as a member of the Pro Football Writers of America. His work has been featured on ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports, CNN.com and SI.com.

Tyler is a current student at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He plans on majoring with a degree in Finance in 2016.

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  • Joey Augustine posted 51 days ago

    Joey Augustine

    here is the correct youtube link for post about the bowling video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcURAcGGaQY

  • taylor harris posted 130 days ago

    taylor harris

    Tyler, I was just wondering if you thought that it may be possible that the Indianapolis colts hiring Rob Chudzinski was more for strategy rather than to fill a position. By this I mean that, I believe they've brought him in to help potentially attract some former players of his from the browns. Alex Mack and T.J. Ward both were supporters of Chudzinski. Ward openly expressed his liking of the Coach multiple times, and with Bethea on an apparent downward slope in his play, Ward would be an excellent long term replacement should they decide to part ways. Just curious and felt like sharing my particular take on things!

  • Chris N posted 151 days ago

    Chris N

    How is the story about Olga Graf a "wardrobe malfunction?" Her wardrobe did not fail to perform as intended. She simply forgot that she was wearing nothing underneath. Have some journalist integrity please.

  • Dana Golden posted 160 days ago

    Dana  Golden

    Tyler, the video you posted violates our copyright. Please use the cleared footage from ACC Digital Network, thank you. : http://youtu.be/2wPWgCUiWqQ

  • Timothy Homstad posted 160 days ago

    Timothy Homstad

    Tyler, you posted a video of my dog watching tennis, but you linked it to a stolen copy of my video. Please link to my original video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89Wh8xO1yfI

  • Cale Williams posted 223 days ago

    Cale Williams

    Your article below has a major error. AFL is aussie rules football, not rugby.


  • bin li posted 223 days ago

    bin li

    just drop by to see how stupid this guy can be

  • Justin Allen posted 239 days ago

    Justin Allen

    Your article: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/eddie-lacy-clear-favorite-nfl-offensive-rookie-award-171900767--nfl.html

    You write "The fact that Philip Rivers has other weapons like Danny Woodhead and Darren Sproles certainly doesn't help either."

    Might want to fact check that.

  • Eric Clement posted 273 days ago

    Eric Clement

    I went to your archive and read your week 5, week 4, week 3 start em/ sit em and the majority have been wrong. On top of that, the players you suggested with potential upside for these weeks have been way off (except Pryor). Dont get me wrong, you know each teams players, coaches, waterboys, and equipment manager with great knowledge. My advice, do some research; go back to previous weeks and look into coaching tendencies for X matchup or Y's defense, etc. etc. I dont think you should be giving fantasy football advice but thats just me. And lastly, you cant be a blackhawks fan and a packers fan. Thats a disgrace to us actual Chicago sports fans.

  • BRUTUS1 posted 274 days ago


    I am Big Fan. There is clearly a QB controversy. I usually a100% agree with Chris Lane on his Buckeye comments. The fact that we disagree demonstrates there truly is a controversy. I believe Guiton would have beaten Wisconsin and Northwestern and it makes me sad to see Buckeye fans trashing him.

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