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I was born in 1965 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Moved to a town by the name of Kamas, it's pronounced (Cam-Us)! I went to school here and graduated in 1984! I got married to a woman that had 3 children by 3 different Fathers! needless to say, we were divorced less than a year later due to, too many Dads...if you will!! From there I got stupid-er, and got into some illegal substances! :-( I ended up doing a few years at our local crowbar hotel. best thing that ever happened to me as far as growing up is concerned! I was doing my last 6 months of incarceration at a privately owned facility that "helped" inmates get ready and prepared for the freedom that is about to be given back to one after they have served their sentences! Anyway, I was what they call "A Perfect Inmate", and while I was incarcerated, I met a Woman Correctional Officer, and we just plain couldn't keep our eyes off one another! We got to know each other while I was there, and with about 3 weeks before I was to be released, she came to me and said, "I want to leave my husband for you so we can always be together"! Needless to say I was blown away! I told her that she really needed to be sure before she took what I thought was possibly a mistake , both by her leaving her marriage, and by me not really knowing what I was wanted when I got out! I mean hell, it had been 5 years since I'd been with a woman, and I wasn't sure this is what I wanted at all??? I mean I was free, I could go out with a lot of women, do I want to be tied down before I even step out the door of this God-Forsaken building??? YES!!! I wanted her in my life in some way, whether it be a romance or strictly plutonic! I got a hold of my folks, and I asked them if this woman who I've only known for about 5 months could move into the apartment that my Father and I built some years ago, and where I was going upon my release! To make a very long story short, 17 years later, that beautiful woman is now my wife!!!
About one year ago, my family and I received some terribly bad news, news that has turned our world upside down! One night in August last year, I was feeling very ill! In fact, I had been feeling sick for months, and so my wife took me to the hospital that night because I was violently ill, as I'm sure a lot of you have had some sort of illness that has made you very ill. The Doctors performed a battery of tests, and to make another long story short, I was diagnosed with End Stage Liver Disease, Diabetes, and last but not least, Chronic Hepatitis C. Devastated? Yes, we all are! I am dying, and there is NOTHING that the Doctors can do for me! I cannot have a transplant because of the Chronic Hepatitis C, as soon a liver would be transplanted into me, it too would become immediately infected because of the Hep.C!!! My Bucket List consists at this time of only 2 things....I have Never been to a pro football game, let alone the Titans, and all I want is to see them play at LP Field, up close and personal just once!!! The 2nd item is to just see my beloved Titans go to, and win the Super Bowl before I pass away! That's what I am hoping and truly wishing for! My wife and children are so scared and so afraid of the future in so much as they never want me to see the Titans< and for them never go to the Bowl if that means I get to stay alive! This is my Bio, Thanks for whomever reads this thing!!! May God Bless You & Yours Eternally!!!

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